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Your best stop for gunsmithing services, air rifles, and air rifle repair in Indiana
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Gunsmith Services

Our professional gunsmith services consist of just about all facets of gunsmithing. We are located in Paris Crossing Indiana. As a mom and pop shop, we understand getting your firearms back as quicky as possible is important to you. We work hard to get your project done on time and on budget. See our complete list of services on this page. 

General Labor: $15 - $80/hr

Site Installation:  $80/hr
Barrel Bluing:  $80 - $225
Stock Services: $40 - $320
General Services: $60 - $80

Air Rifle Repair

Diana Air Rifle Repairs
HATSAN Air Rifle Repairs
Benjamin Air Rifle Repairs
Umarex Repairs
FX Arms Repairs

All Air Rifle Repairs are $80/hr plus parts

Machine Work: 


Crown Barrel - $80.00
Cut barrel to length and recrown - $110.00
Drill and tap holes - $20/hole
Cut/Thread barrel for screw-in Choke - $135.00
Machine Dove Tail - $80.00
Machine Receiver upon evaluation - $125.00

General Labor


Bore Sight Scope: $15.00
Mount and Bore Sight Scope:
Minimum Shop Charge:
Hourly Shop Labor: 



Sight Installation Services


Installing and adjusting sights w/no machining required (sights not included):  $35.00
Machine dove tail front and back:  $80.00 
Drill and tap per hole: $20.00  



General Services


Complete cleaning (disassemble, clean, oil, assemble) Rust removal /excessively dirty $20extra: $80 

Zero rifle at 100 yards (amunition not included): $60
Trigger work starts @  $80.00 
Diagnose and find or make repair parts starts @  $80.00

Gun Bluing Services


Pistol starting @ upon evaluation:  $120.00
Rifle and shot gun starting @ upon evaluation:   $175.00 
Removing scratches and pitting if possible per hour :  $80.00
Bluing Matt finish (hot blue) minimal scratch and pitting removal:  $150.00
Bluing semi finish (hot blue) most scratch and pitting removed:  $180.00
Bluing high polish (hot Blue) all scratches removed with heavy polish before bluing:  $200.00 
Bluing stainless steel (hot blue) matt,semi,high gloss apply:  $225.00

Stock Services

Install alluminum pillars and glass bed or Devcon steel:  $120.00

Glass bed or devcon steel your finished stock:  $100.00

Install swival studs:  $80.00

Fit and install recoil pad(not including price of pad):  $40.00

Hand rubbed oil finish high gloss leaving grain open:  $200.00

Hand rubbed oil finish high gloss completely filling the grain:  $320.00  

Sprayed on oil, satin finish open grain:   $170.00
Sprayed on oil, satin finish filled grain:  $220.00

Extra for oil soaked,removal of large dents,crack repair,stripping epoxy staining:  $80.00



We also offer custom gun parts by Volquartsen

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Don't see a specific Gunsmithing service you need? Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss and see what we can do for you. We appreciate your business.